Buddymoons: The New Trend

It’s a honeymoon with friends.

People are moving away from the conventional honeymoon, taking to either not having them at all, waiting weeks or years to have one, or taking their family and friends along with them. This has been dubbed as the buddymoon, (or if you like matemoon or honeybud).

The traditional honeymoon may be losing some weight, with many couples having lived together and went on holiday before their wedding. Their honeymoon is therefore not their first time alone together.

Why do people go on buddymoon’s?

Destination Holidays – people want to make the most of their time away, and enjoy it to the max by inviting their families or friends to share the experience with them.

Bucket Lists – you can tick some items off of the squad’s bucket list altogether, all while celebrating getting married.

No Need for a De-brief – You don’t have to update everyone about what happened on the honeymoon since they were there too!

Keeping the Party Going – the adventures don’t have to end so soon, there are plenty of activities to do whilst you’re away.

Buddymoons, the new trend, friends linking armsIs it for you?

There are two schools of thought; some will love their alone time away from civilisation, but some will love an extended break.

If you are considering a buddymoon, make sure your partner is on board with it too. Pick a destination together and a group of close-minded friends who would be willing to give you a little bit space now and again on a holiday – after all, it is a celebration of your marriage. That goes both ways, you need to be willing to plan and make time with your friend’s too.

Choose friends on each side so your partner doesn’t feel like their tagging along on a gal’s trip or something of the like.

Where to go on a Buddymoon?

You can go on a destination holiday, but make sure your friends can afford it too.

Consider a short-flight trip, or stay local. Road trips are very suited to a buddymoon, with multiple cars and time by yourselves in between stops.

Festivals and concerts are other popular choices, experiencing a few days with your friends before jetting off somewhere on your own if your finances allow it.

You could rent a house or a villa in the country; Air BnB is a great tool for this. You can hang out together in a casual space, all the while sampling what the local town has to offer.


Despite this new trend, honeymoons are still a loved past-time, and after all of the stress of wedding planning couples deserve it. Whether it’s with friends or on your own; enjoy the time away.

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