Feel Like a True Scot by Knowing Edinburgh

The Ultimate Guide to Edinburgh’s Nightlife.

From trendy cocktail bars to a pub packed with beer, Edinburgh has your back when it comes to a hen or a stag party. Know the city and make your night easier to handle.

Edinburgh Location Guide, hen and stag dosThe Royal Mile

Where the castle sits and you can feel like royalty.

  1. Monteith’s

As a boutique cocktail bar, Monteith’s knows how to treat its customers. With a unique blend of kitchen and cocktail bar, you can enjoy the best of both worlds with cocktails like Violet Royale and Hedgerow Spritz.

  1. The Worlds End

Despite its ominous name The World’s End is a cask ale pub with foreign banknotes decorating the walls and ceiling. Back in the day, the city walls ended just outside the pub, meaning that the world did stop there.

  1. The Devil’s Advocate

A hidden gem lies just through Advocates Close if you can spot the archway, The Devil’s Advocate is a stylish bar that serves wine, whiskey, beers and cocktails. Cocktails include The Good, the Bad and the Toddy, which is served hot, and Under the Tuscan Sun.

Edinburgh Location Guide, hen and stag dosGrassmarket

Lying in a hollow well of the city Grassmarket draws in the views, as the castle looming over the low lying terraces make a pretty picture.

  1. The Last Drop

Named for its proximity to the famous Edinburgh gallows, it is a major ale powerhouse which also serves whiskeys and wines. There are also Scottish specialities in terms of cuisine, so you can soak up the alcohol.

  1. Biddy Mulligans

Boasting ‘Good Mood Food’ this wee pub channels the true Irish spirit. The craic flows as easily as Guinness and your last night of freedom can be celebrated with prosecco and karaoke.

  1. Beehive Inn

One of Edinburgh’s oldest public houses the Beehive Inn serves a selection of craft ales, rums and wines. The beer garden looks out onto the castle and they also serve classic pub food.

Edinburgh Location Guide, hen and stag doCowgate

Since its name was recorded in 1428 it is one of the oldest roads in Edinburgh.

  1. The Three Sisters

Named after travelling performers in the 1740s it is one of Edinburgh’s best sports bar, with cocktails named after the Spice Girls. It’s also the perfect place to sing your heart out in the early hours of the morning, as there are hidden karaoke pods in the back.

  1. Brewdog

Named as a craft beer paradise, Brewdog also does homemade pizzas so you can line your stomach before going back out. What more do you need?

  1. Sneaky Pete’s

Sneaky Pete’s is a gig spot that has loud and fun nightclub events on Saturday’s. Live music paired with dancing matches the intimate vibe Cowgate gives out.

  1. Cabaret Voltaire

Cabaret is a gig, café and club venue in Edinburgh, this time with an atmospheric basement and a bar fit with craft beer and pizza.

Edinburgh Location Guide, george streetGeorge Street

In the heart of New Town, George Town offers a range of sophisticated and fun nightlife options.

  1. Eastside

Remodelled from the old Opal Lounge you will feel like a VIP here. Serving boozy cocktails, craft beer and ready to eat street food, you can dance and enjoy all of what they have on offer. Better yet, it’s open until 3 am.

  1. Candy Bar and Kitchen

Candy Bar and Kitchen calls itself ‘the best fun on George Street’. As an eatery and subterranean drinking den, it can easily become Edinburgh’s biggest attraction. As you can guess the candy theme carries onto the drinks, including Its Peanut Butter Jelly Time and Candy 75.

  1. All Bar One

With an exclusive sharing Blossom Birdcage cocktail and a selection of other delicious drinks, All Bar One is truly a mixology marvel. There is also brunch, for the possible hangover the next day, and they serve food as well.

One not to miss

  1. Frankenstein

George IV Bridge near Cowgate

This notoriously themed pub has three bars set over three floors and you’ll be blown away by the artwork and props decorating the walls. You’ll be in awe with this monster of a place.

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