Spooky Halloween Hen Party Ideas

Have the biggest, spookiest Hen Party ever.

Halloween celebrations last for days, with everyone wanting to embrace the scariest day of the year. It’s perfect for those brides who want to dress up in costumes and have something different.

Haunted Destinations

Our personal favourite has to be Edinburgh, which is full to the brim with gruesome history and haunted locations. Why not try a ghost tour? Get all of your heart’s pumping before hitting the town.

Another haunted spot is York, which was recently voted the most haunted city in Britain. With stories like Mad Alice and the Grey Lady, even sceptical tourists have admitted having goosebumps while visiting. There’s only one way to find out for sure, and that is to visit.

Edinburgh city at night, halloween Outfit

The clear choice is a dead bride, and you can either pick up a wedding dress from a charity shop or simply buy a white dress. There are loads of sources of inspiration on sites like Pinterest for outfits and accessories.

The other hens can join you being the bride or dress up in other Halloween outfits. The choice is all yours.


Try it yourself or get it done professionally before you go out. Either way, Halloween makeup has come a long way from simple face paint. Prepare for heavy eye makeup, fake blood and hair raising looks.


Will you be staying overnight in a hotel? Bring the decorations with you! Bunting, pumpkins and skulls complete the look for those hens who are not strictly girly-girly.


The week of Halloween is infamous for themed club nights so take your costumes to the dance floor. Some places even run competitions for the best dressed; either way the night is sure to be a wild one.

Pre-Hen Party

Whether it’s in an apartment before you all go out to do some activities, or before the hen party has even started you can start the Halloween theme early. Turn a table into a Halloween themed buffet table with a range of themed treats. You can all have fun trying to ice cupcakes and make themed cocktails. Queue up some horror films and you’re set for a budgeted, relaxed celebration.


With Halloween on the horizon, we want to wish everyone a very spooky (and happy) Halloween. Make sure you all have fun partying this year.

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