Must-have Hen Party Themes

From simple to out of this world, there are plenty of themes to choose from.

Costumes and simple outfit co-ordination are the perfect way to add something extra to your hen do. Before we delve into the many wonderful options, we break down some tips to consider before you pick your theme.

  1. Let them know if outfits are something you want and ask your fellow hens what they think. Together you can narrow down the choices and even start Pinterest boards to spark the inspiration.
  2. Think about the budget; there are outfits you can make with clothes from your normal wardrobe, and charity shops are easy to pick things up. You don’t have to go to conventional costume shops.
  3. Consider the bride – how does she dress, normally and on special occasions. This may help when deciding what you’ll go for.
  4. Think about your activities, some clubs don’t allow costumes, and a glamping or sporty day isn’t going to align with superhero costumes. Also, check the time of year that you have your hen do booked so you aren’t caught out by the weather.

Now let’s get back to what themes you could choose.


Hen Party Classics

Think sashes, L Plates and accessories galore. It’s the stereotype for a hen do but that doesn’t mean that it’s not fun to do. You could go further and get personalised sashes, t-shirts, temporary tattoos and many more. Online stores such as Etsy are brilliant for this.

Not a fan of the stereotypical L Plates, look at what else you can do.

Little Black Dress Hen Do Theme

Little Black Dress

Another classic, and very easy to do. The advantage of this one is that it works with clubs too. Accessorize to the max to make each hen stand out and pair with the classic red lip.

Colour Hen Do Theme, red polka dotted dress on beach


This is perhaps the most versatile theme because you can do so much. Have a rainbow theme, with each hen a different shade. Or pick a colour and all dress in it, perhaps with the bride as a different colour to stand out. Pastel, monochrome or all white to symbolise the coming wedding day. Go a step further and pattern it up, choosing different patterns; polka-dots, stripes, cheetah.

Pyjamas Hen Do Theme, woman in pyjamas

Pyjama Day

It’s perfect for staying in the hotel or lounging about an apartment before you head out for your activities. You can personalize them, or just bring your favourite set from home. If you just want to chill, then this is the theme for you.

Vintage Hen Do Theme


Channel your inner Great Gatsby with flapper dresses, winged eyeliner and all things retro. Charity shops are great if you don’t want to break the bank.

If you don’t want to go that far back, dress in the fashion sense of any past decade. Go disco or hippie, or even choose the decade you were born in.

If you like Vintage there is a lovely speakeasy bar in Leeds called Tailors Gin which changes from a tailor’s to a gin bar at 6 pm. There is even a costume rack to make photographs great.

Mad Hatter Costume, Hen Do Theme

Mad Hatters Tea Party

Take inspiration from Alice in Wonderland itself – and why don’t you pair with afternoon tea as an activity? Top hats, makeup and wacky tights are excellent for those vibrant hens.

Don’t want to be Alice in Wonderland? Pick any other fictional character and dress up like them; Harry Potter, Superheroes, Where’s Wally with the signature striped shirt. The Pink Ladies from Grease is a fan favourite.

Boho Hen Do theme, woman in white dress on the beach


Embrace the floaty skirts and the flower crowns with this theme. Bring the summer to you, no matter what you are doing or what season you’re in.

Army hen do theme, woman in army costume

Bootcamp / army

Put on your camouflage and sweatbands with this theme. It’s perfect for those sporty types, and you can pair it with tough mudder, inflatable games and other muddy activities.

Classic Costumes

Cheerleaders – pick up a cheerleading outfit from any costume store and put your hair in pigtails. Go back to your school days and immerse yourself in nostalgic Bring it On tones.

School Uniform – feel young again with this classic costume. Why not have an Old School Sports day activity through the day to really drive this home?

Pirates – From the hats to the stuffed parrot, this one can be swashbuckling fun.

Whether you choose a theme or not, your hen do will be the time of your life.

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