About This Location

About This Location

Leeds has transformed itself into a city that gives a vibrant, cosmopolitan feel that will leave you wanting more.

Why don’t you go shopping? The city has Victoria Quarter, Trinity Square (which has over 100 shops) and Merrion Centre.

With both Whitelock’s Ale House and The Domino Club winning in the Best in Leeds awards 2018, Leeds does not disappoint with nightlife. Leeds is famous for its party atmosphere, with the Leeds festival in the summer months. There is an abundance of trendy restaurants and clubs – like Hifi and the underground club Wire – that will certainly get your pulse racing regardless of your gastronomic needs. Leeds is a city that will do more than surprise you and it provides you with the chance to fulfil your desires in every way possible.

Get to know the bars and clubs you could go to on your hen do with our nightlife blog.

Fun Leeds fact: Leeds is the home of the game Cluedo where creator Anthony E Patt paired up with board game makers Waddington’s in 1944 to release it five years later.

  • Best shopping in UK
  • Buzzing music scene
  • Britain's 3rd largest city
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