Hotel vs Apartment

One of the best ways to put together a killer stag or hen is to plan a couple of days away in one of the UK’s major cities, but this does open up the question of accommodation. A hotel is probably the obvious choice, but you might also be tempted by the prospect of renting an apartment. So which choice is really the best? That question can only really be answered by weighing up the advantages of each against the needs of your party.


A hotel will probably be your first thought when you start contemplating your options for a place to stay, and it is certainly not a bad thought. A hotel will offer you a comfortable place to stay, complete with such comforts as TV, en-suite toilet and bathroom facilities, and food service. Perhaps most important of all, many hotels also carry on-site bars. In most cases the bar will be open until at least 11pm, but arrangements can easily be made for parties that particularly want a hotel with a bar that stays open later than that. Many hotels will offer great on-site leisure facilities too, ranging from swimming pools up to saunas and spas with professional pampering. Some of the best times of the weekend might be had without leaving the hotel.

A hotel also gives you a lot of flexibility to tailor your accommodation options to both the needs and the budget of your group. Different hotels and room options will offer different facilities, and shared rooms will help cut the accommodation budget without cutting down on the facilities on offer. Many hotels are also close to the heart of Edinburgh and near the nightlife and the daytime activities your group wants to enjoy, but budget-conscious groups may also take the opportunity to reduce the cost of their accommodation by choosing a hotel of the same standard in a slightly less central location.


Apartments are the true luxury option for groups who want to celebrate the approach of the wedding in style. They offer a real home-from-home experience. You will have a complete property in the heart of the city centre all to yourself. There will be more privacy and a lot more space than a hotel would offer, and a lot less in the way of restrictions. There will also be a complete set of home comforts such as a kitchen, en-suite facilities, and flat screen TVs. All this is located in a central location, close to local amenities and popular stag and hen spots.

Naturally this will cost more than booking into any but the most luxurious of hotels, so stag and hen groups on a budget will need to bear this in mind when choosing their accommodation. As essentially private properties, apartments will not offer the same on-site facilities as a hotel so separate arrangements will need to be made for food, drinking venues, and leisure activities such as spa treatments. On the bright side, a central location in a major city gives you plenty of nearby venues for any arrangements you need to make.

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