Outrageous Hen and Stag Dos

When it just all goes wrong (or awkward).

With drink and competition involved, there are a few opportunities for things to go pear-shaped. For these hens and stags, their parties went a little wrong and awkward.

  1. Designated Driver

One member of a Hen Do made it explicitly clear she couldn’t attend some activities, yet she still had to fork out £160 for them. She was then encouraged to be the designated driver for the rest of the hens, to the hotel 3 hours away. Better yet she wasn’t even invited to the wedding after.

  1. Quad Biking Disaster

A Reddit member explained that during a stag do the organiser at the quad biking company dressed the groom in a foxes costume and told the others to chase him. The stags didn’t realise that there were two narrow gates to get through and raced through at 40 mph, leading to one guy going over a wall and a few others to crash and create a pile-up. The groom was caught, and no ambulances had to be called but the organiser was not happy about the damages.

  1. Chinese Restaurant Serenade

A friend of the brides stripped off and began dancing on top of a table at a Hen Do in a Chinese Restaurant. Eventually, the other hens got bored of trying to stop her, and went back to their meal, leaving their friend going round and round on the table.

    1. It Even Ruined The Wedding Photos

As the ultimate prank, the stags shaved the grooms head, chest, legs, everywhere (literally everywhere), the day before the wedding as a sort of rite of passage. The bride was not happy.

Bald Man at a Wedding 5. Chicken Terror

Two brothers thought it would be funny to scare the groom with six chickens and left them in his hotel room. They escaped, however; two of them disappeared for good, two of them died, and the remaining two were found terrified by the RSPCA. The brothers were later fined and prosecuted for animal endangerment.

  1. Mr and Mrs

During a Mr and Mrs Game, the bride-to-be was asked: “What’s the best gift you’ve given your partner?” Her reply was a “Nintendo”, while her husband joked, “my endless love.” To get even more awkward later on in the game she implied that he was tight financially, in front of all of their family and friends.

  1. An All Over Tan

In 2001, the groom and his best man were dumped stark naked on the side of the road in Bournemouth. To make things worse, they were also covered in flour, ketchup and eggs in scorching temperatures of 28℃. Passers-by alerted the police to rescue them.

  1. Henzilla Rules

One self-confessed Henzilla enforced rules such as; sequined swimsuits only, latecomers pay £10, no skirts shorter than the bride’s, and hangovers will not be tolerated. If people didn’t abide by these rules they were uninvited to the wedding!

  1. Stripper Chaos

One poor groom was kicked in the head by the heel of a stripper, gaining double vision for the trouble. He was later awarded $650,000 in compensation, so it wasn’t all bad.

  1. More Stripper Chaos

At a Hen Party, a male stripper attempted to do a move over a hens head but ended up kicking her. She was left with a concussion and spent the limo ride to the hospital vomiting into a bin bag.


These certainly make the hen and stag do memorable, and are even on par with some outrageous stag do challenges. Having fun is the main thing, as long as you try to remain safe.

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