Simple, Unique and Creative Proposal Ideas

Say Yes to Planning a Proposal to ease off the Stress.

There is a pretty big chance your partner is going to say yes, but proposing still seems a daunting task. We take some of the stress away by providing some proposal ideas, ranging from simple to creative.

Recreate Your First Date

Whether it was a meal, or a bar, or the classic cinema and meal you can take your partner back to the old days. Reminisce in your relationship and as you reflect back on all of the happy days, get down on one knee.

Woman taking photo of couple against graffiti wall. Marriage Proposal Ideas

Fake Photo or Video

Get a passing stranger or a family member to take a photo of you, or go to the photo booth. During it, you can get down on one knee and your proposal will be captured for the future. Just think of your partner’s reaction.

Secret Photos

It’s becoming more of a trend and has been advertised in newspapers and wedding groups alike. When your partner is sleeping place the ring on their finger, hide it around the house or sneak it into photos of you two. To propose present the photos to them before bringing out the ring.

At Home

The simplest idea there is and yet it can be so versatile. Spread rose petals, candles, or photos leading to the ring.

Bauble with Marry Me? on it. Proposal Ideas

Seasonal Proposal

This is also a very popular choice. Wrap it up for them to open on Christmas Day, hide it on the tree or in a bauble and wait for them to notice it.

Gift it for them for Valentine’s Day or place it on the stem of a flower. Want something more romantic? Leave them love notes or smaller gifts for the week leading up to Valentine’s before you present them with the ring on Valentine’s Day.

During Halloween, you could carve ‘Will You Marry Me?’ into your pumpkin. The possibilities are endless; proposing in costume, in a haunted house or watching horror films.

As the clocks count down for New Year, propose as you see the next year come in. Whether that be at home, at a party or during a fireworks display, it will be sure to be a special occasion.

Foodie Proposal

If you let the restaurant know you’re planning on proposing they will help you. From writing out ‘will you marry me’ on pizzas to on desserts with chocolate sauce, to just proposing in between courses, there are multiple ways of doing this.

Personalized Items

Online stores like Etsy and Not on the High Street allow personalization of many options when it comes to proposing. You can buy reasons why I love you prints, magnets and tag books, and pop the question on one of them. You can buy fortune cookies with the question inside, personalized crosswords, jigsaw and scratch cards too.

Dog with ring on nose. Proposal Ideas

Kids and Animal Proposal

Attach a message to your pet’s collar or have your kid run-in with a sign before you enter.

Holiday Proposal

This is another popular choice; propose when you’re away together. Whether it’s at Disneyland, on a beach where you could write the question in the sand, or in a winter wonderland, the memory will be treasured forever.

Man on knees proposing to woman against a red sunset. Proposal Ideas

Scavenger Hunt

Make your partner find the ring, by giving out a series of clues. Hand them the first clue and have them hunt out the rest, leading them finally to the prize. This can be done in a variety of ways; it is all up to you.

Creative Writing

From writing a love letter, write and sing a love song, write a love poem, or self-publish your own love story; you can go simple or all out with this option. You can hollow out a book or just leave out a poem for your partner to find.

Written in the Stars

Propose on a picnic star gazing or in a Planetarium. Go above and beyond and get a star named after your partner.

Alternatively, wait for sunrise or sunset and pop the question under a beautiful sky.

White Balloon with Will You Marry Me? written on it. Proposal Ideas

A Drawing Proposal

Go and a see and caricature and let them into the secret. They’ll draw a picture of you two with speech bubbles saying ‘will you marry me?’ ‘Yes!’

Zoo or Aquarium Proposal

Give the divers a waterproof sign asking the question, which they’ll display in their big fish tank. Or propose in the aquarium underneath all of that blue.

Public Announcement

Ring up a radio and ask the question on-air as your fiancé listens. Buy an ad in a magazine or newspaper and give it to your partner.

Once you’re engaged here is what to do next and if you want to start planning early we have blogs on wedding dresses and wedding suits.

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