Pros of a Spa Hen Do

The guide on the perfect way to relax on your hen party.

Want to pamper yourself all the while having a glass of prosecco? Booking a spa for a hen do may be the perfect way to achieve that.

Typically lasting one treatment per person, although it is normal for the bride to get more, you will have access to the Jacuzzi and sauna. Slippers and fluffy robes enhance the relaxation, all the while adding a little something to group photos.

Spa treatments don’t have to be during the day, they can take place during the evening too, but these are always subject to availability and destination.

The Pros of a Spa Hen Do

It’s a chance to unwind from the stresses of normal life, work chaos and wedding planning, all the while hanging out with your friends. It’s ideal for your mood and will chase away life’s anxieties.

The treatments can make you feel beautiful. Facials, in particular, can make your skin glow, and this adds a little more confidence into your steps. This is perfect for when you are getting ready to hit the town afterwards for some cocktails, or if you’re all recovering from hangovers the next day.

Anyone new to the group – perhaps an out of town friend or family member – will be gently brought into the friendship circle. It’ll be easier to make conversation with them since they’ll be relaxed. We all know how awkward it can be to meet new people, but a spa can ease the stress a little.

Spas are available in many cities, most city centre, so you may not have to even walk far. All are, however, subject to availability and change.

spa treatments, hen do, pros of a spa hen doThe Do’s and Don’ts of a Spa Hen Do


Think about numbers – spas typically look for groups of 6-12 guests before it starts to get crowded.

Turn your phone off – okay, maybe have time for photos at the start of the sessions but make sure that the phones are away for most of the treatment. This is your chance to relax, not to be attached to a phone screen. You don’t want to be interrupted by notifications while you’re trying to de-stress.

And the most important thing – have fun! This is a hen do and your ultimate relaxation session. Enjoy it all you can.


Get too rowdy – there could be other people in the spa during your sessions, and they want to enjoy their treatment just as much as you. Perhaps save the games for another venue – perhaps on a bar crawl on the night time.

Book at the last minute – spas fill up spaces quick. If you want availability it’s best to book in advance. This will avoid disappointment if a spa session is something you want to do.


Here at Hen and Stag, we specialise in making sure the booking process is as stress-free as possible. So, why not book with us today, and have a look at our spa and pamper package?


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