Shock Football

About This Activity

About This Activity

This is football with a dramatic twist: the chance to shock your mates. It may start as a nice friendly version of the game, but then the real fun begins.

What do you get?

  • Two players from each 5 a side team have the devices to shock the other players. This then rotates so everyone has a chance to shock people.
  • An events co-ordinator to referee and give you a briefing beforehand.
  • A variety of mini-games to play.
  • A bottle of bubbly and bragging rights for the winning team.

Try and bluff your way through and show no reaction to the electric shocks as you prove how macho you are.

All activities are subject to availability and may differ slightly depending on group size, location and provider.

  • Crossbar Shock Challenge
  • Dribbling Relay
  • Shock Penalty Shootout
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