Gin Pong

About This Activity

About This Activity

You know the classic beer pong now get ready to swap the beer for gin. With one bounce you must get the ball in the cup and if you do someone on the opposing team has to drink it. Compete against your friends and test out your skills with the ultimate game.

What do you get? 

  • A private room to host the game.
  • A ping pong table fit with glasses, a ball, a bottle of gin and cans of tonic.
  • Jugs of Vodka Redbull on arrival.
  • The chance to beat your mates and have fun in a 90-minute session.

All activities are subject to availability and may differ slightly depending on location and group size. 

  • The Classic Game of Gin Pong
  • A Bottle of Gin and Cans of Tonic
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