How to Survive A Stag Do

Tips and Tricks to last until the end of the night.

Whether the stag do has just been booked or it’s just days away, there may be some doubts about whether it’ll all go off without a hitch. With a lot of drinking planned for the trip, your stomach might be churning just thinking of the future hangover.

But we have you covered. From drinking tips to preventing unwanted stripper surprises, these tips will help you out.

Basic Tips

Perhaps don’t host the stag do the day before the wedding; some people have it weeks if not months ahead. This way you don’t have to nurse a hangover or upset the wife with a sudden bald head during the ceremony.

What comes around comes back around; if you were harsh to your best man on his stag do, you’ll probably have the same degree of fun and tomfoolery.

Make it clear whether you want photos taken or not – they are great for memories, but maybe have a rule on posting them online. You could have a private group chat where you store them for future blackmail material.

Drinking Woes

You have the classics:

Eat something stuffed with carbs before you go for a heavy drinking session. Have something light during the session and eat at the end of the night to mop up the alcohol.

Drink water during and after drinking. Some people say to drink a glass of water after every few drinks, or maybe switch out the Jack and Coke for just regular coke once and awhile. It’ll give you a while to recover before you drink again. Make sure you drink water before going to bed too.

Then there is tactical vomiting. Sometimes it has to be done, and this way you can start the night from scratch. Just make sure you pack chewing gum.

At the end of the night make sure that someone or yourself is sober enough to ensure you sleep in the recovery position. If you are sick during the night then you won’t choke on it.

Odd tips and tricks

It may be an old wives tale but apparently having milk before drinking puts a lining on your stomach.

There is drinking shots the ‘Russian way’. Exhale as much as possible, swallow the shot without yet inhaling. Once you’ve finished the shot, give a short and sharp exhale to get the vapours out of the way, and then inhale. This reduces the burning sensation by a significant margin.

If you don’t want to be drinking all day, make sure that the party is jam-packed with activities.

Pranks, and Getting Lost

Stag do dares, pranks and challenges are a natural surprise of the stag do. Beforehand make it very clear if you want these done or not.

If they do occur you can expect everything from being shaved, getting tattoos, getting tied to a pole naked or getting handcuffed to something or someone.

One tip is to fold money underneath a skin coloured plaster so if you do find yourself in the middle of nowhere naked, you have something to fall back on.

Write the hotel name and room number on your arm – or another part of your body – so if you’re drunk and in a place, you don’t know you can call a taxi or get someone to direct you there.

Strippers or no strippers

Talk to your best man or whoever is organising the stag do and set your boundaries. Just say if you want a stripper as an activity, if you’re okay with a potential surprise, or if you definitely don’t want one.

There are other activities out there that are just as much fun. You could even go classy with a casino package or a party boat.

Worst comes to worst you could lie a little and tell them you’ll invite a parent onto the stag do. The older generation keeps everything a bit more PG. There are plenty of things the older folk can do alongside the younger crowd; including hover crafting and clay pigeon shooting.

Want to make the stag do process as stress-free as possible? Have a look at our stag do packages and book with us today.

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