Creative and Epic Stag Do Themes

Liven up the night with some costumes.

Fancy dress is an excellent way to add excitement to the night. They may not be used for the entire stag do, maybe just on the bar crawl. Some bars don’t accept fancy dress, so be sure to check before you use them on a trip around the local nightlife. They can also bring the group together and provide some creativity when it comes to the photos.

We’ve put together a list of potential themes you can try out:

James Bond

Start simply by putting on tuxedos and upping the class. Personations go along excellently with this theme even if you don’t like martinis. This theme pairs well with casino and club activities and is great for those bars which may not allow fancy dress.

tuxedo, stag do themes and costumesOppo Suits

Ditch the wedding vibes by wearing some creative suits. Named for being the opposite of the standard suit, they come in every theme and every colour. If you want to stand out from the crowd, while still being classy, this is the theme for you.

Need help finding your actual suit? Look here.

stag do costumes, four guys in coloured suitsSuperheroes

Embrace David Bowie’s song and put on superhero costumes. With so many movies and comic books to choose from, there is something for everyone in your stag group. Whether that’s Spiderman or Batman you’ll all look super cool.

stag do superhero costumesClones

This has been done in several ways. You could print out masks of one another, or the wife and wear them so the groom never forgets their faces. Or, does one of your friends have a horrible dress sense? Emphasise it by all wearing similar clothes to him around the town. Take twinning to the next level within your group.

Where’s Wally?

You’ve all heard of the famous guy, and you don’t need to break the bank to try this theme. Just buy a striped top, hat and fake glasses!

Fox and Hunters

If you’ve read our Stag Do Challenges blog you would have already heard of this fancy dress idea. One guy dresses up as a fox while the others are hunters. Play games hunting out the fox, and this only becomes harder once the drinks flow.


This is perhaps one to wear during the summer months, but you could dress up in togas and as Greek Gods. Choose from many myths and wear your toga with pride. (Just ensure that they’re more than the towel togas you may have worn when you were younger.)


Choose a decade in time and dress up accordingly. Embrace being a hippie with bandanas or the pile on the leather to suit the rock and roll era. This one has a lot of options to choose from.

Decades, Stag Do costumesSport Teams

Heading to do bubble football? Why not keep with the theme afterwards by dressing in your favourite sports teams. There are so many sports to choose from that you could all be something different.

tackling, sports, stag do themesFoul Fashion

This is great for those on a budget. Grab your worst piece of clothing, something that may be too small or too big, or with a pattern appears an eyesore. Don’t have anything? Don’t worry, head down to your local charity shop to hunt out some bizarre items.

fashion, stag do costumes and themesNo matter what theme you choose, just ensure that it’s achievable for the rest of the group. Keep it friendly and appropriate; you want to enjoy the night after all.

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