How to Have a Stress Free Hen Party

Posted on: 10th January 2020 in Blog

Make sure you are relaxed and have fun at the hen party.

The key to a hen party is to laugh and dance the night away. But whether you’re the bride or the bridesmaid who is organising it, it can be a stressful time. Don’t despair though, we share our top tips on how to keep the tensions low during the planning process and on the day.

What the Hen Wants

As soon as an organiser is declared, decide whether you want to keep it a secret from the bride or want her involved. Get the group all in one place and put your heads together. Think about what the bride might like, and do some basic research.

What activities are out there and what might be suitable for the bride as well as the group? There is a wide variety these days, from spa days and afternoon tea to cocktail making and strippers.

Keep the bride in mind; give her hints as to what you are thinking so she is not dreading it when the day rolls around. If she is involved, bounce ideas off of her.

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Group chats are an excellent way to achieve this easily. Facebook messages and Whatsapp are just two of what’s out there. You can set deadlines and remind the group about confirming their place, payments and itinerary. Any stresses or worries can be addressed quickly and easily all in one place, and they can increase the excitement as the day gets closer.

Organise Early

Take the stress out of your mind as soon as possible by booking early. This ensures that there are spaces available in the activities you want to do and there is time to save up and pay.

Prices can increase as time goes on as well, so getting in early is best. When it comes to money, talk to the other hens about budgets and how much they can afford. You don’t want to blow the bank on swanky accommodation when there is other affordable, and yet luxurious options available.

Consider a package, which has activities and accommodation together so you know how much it will be.

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Think About Accommodation

Accommodation can change the mood of the group. You can Airbnb it and rent a whole house out for the weekend, choose from a hotel with separate rooms – sometimes themed like the Shankly in Liverpool – or in apartments which include your own kitchen and living room. Be aware of events going on throughout the year, as this can limit the availability and drive the price up.

Don’t pack the day with too many activities

We recommend two or three activities per day, this allows you time in between and you could add a drinks package on before you hit the town on the night time. You don’t want exhausted or bored hens during the party before you even finish the day. Certain activities – typically the sportier ones – can be further out and therefore you may have to allow time for travel.

Stay Calm

It’s easier said than done but even if tensions arrive there are ways to diffuse them. Our blog – Bickering Hens – discusses how you can avoid and calm down potential stresses. Take a hen aside and make sure that they know you’re there for them so they can come to you with any worries. Don’t take sides and keep your cool, communication is also key here.

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Personalise the Day

Make the hen party stand out from any other girl’s night. Pepper the night with embarrassing stories of your time together, request the rooms to be decorated beforehand or take or your own decorations. Think of hen party favours if you’re the bride, props or costumes to wear.

Regroup the next day

Whether you’re just going for the day or for multiple, make sure that you meet up in the morning. Breakfast is a great time to do this, whether it’s included in your hotel stay or if you hunt it out in the morning – Greggs and Wetherspoons are a cheap greasy option. Recall the night before and even jokingly award people with the best dancing, or best story to keep the spirits up high.

We pride ourselves on taking the stress out of the whole process, with our payment system and dedicated event planners. Whatever your hen party needs, we have you covered.

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