The Guys you will Meet on a Stag Do

Each one has different traits.

You may see versions of these in just one of your mates or you may be surrounded by them. Either way, they’ll make sure that the groom has the best send-off they can have.

The Groom

He is easy to spot, usually the one in the most hilarious costume and surrounded by his mates. He wants to spend his last night of freedom doing what he loves, whether that is various activities or hitting the town with several drinks in hand.

The Groom’s Bodyguard

This could be the best man but he’ll guard the Groom well. He’s the one ensuring that the Groom has a drink in his hand and gets to the next location. He may also be the planner of the group, the one who knows the literary and will boost the morale if needed. He’ll have drinking games and stag do challenges on hand.

Types of guys on a stag do, shotsThe Shots Guy

The key is in the name, this type of stag will demand shots. He may not pay for them all of the time but he’s the one convincing the other’s to do another round. He’ll crop up first during the pre-game session, and if any drinking games are involved during the night.

The Wild Card

You don’t know what he’ll do; he could prank the Groom, disappear for hours at a time, or randomly dance on the tables to a Britney Spears song. There will be photos and videos of whatever he does, just to remind him once he sobers up in the morning.

The Disappearing Act

This guy maybe just like the Wild Card, except you don’t know where he is or what he’s doing. There have been many stories of guys splashing their cash on strippers once they creep away from the group or leaving the bar entirely. Their stories are a mystery.

The Unfamiliar

This could be a friend from the Groom’s work or a distant cousin the stag party has never heard of. You may have been told tales of how legendary he is before you even meet him. You could be surprised about how this guy fits into the group and how he behaves on the night.

Types of guys on a stag do, man drinking alcoholThe Lightweight

After downing four drinks he’ll be on the dance floor and it won’t take him many more until he is done for the night. Chances are, someone will have to walk him back to the hotel before he vomits on himself.

The Quiet One

He doesn’t seem like the party type; in fact, he might not go out with the group that often. Yet this is his chance to let loose. He’s the one defying all expectations, taking shot after shot and having beers for breakfast. He is the making of legends. But once you arrive back home, he goes straight back to the Quiet guy you all know and love.


Each one of these guys provides memories for the stag party and make it one that you can never forget. No matter how much they try to humiliate or annoy you, they make the last night of freedom all worth it.

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