Unusual and Strange Stag Do Activities

Want a unique stag do? You’ve come to the right place.

Stand out from the crowd and have something different from the standard stripper and go karting. Get your blood pumping with a range of unusual activities which stretch across the country.

Dwarf Stripper / Bar crawl

Hire a dwarf to either strip, dress up in a costume or be handcuffed to the groom for the rest of the night. This is brilliant for those who want to supply challenges for the groom and take photos while he tries to get through the rest of the fun.

Beer Bikes

Pedal and drink at the same time, all the while being driven around town by a sober chauffeur. Take toilet breaks and beer breaks as you pop into a pub to stock up on even more drink.

axe throwing, unusual stag do activities

Axe Throwing

Become a warrior as you learn a new skill. Axe throwing is great for those who want to do something sporty and a bit different. You’ll have a coach teaching you throughout the session as you try to hit the target.


Descend through a steep gorge down to the river and get the chance to jump (ranging from five to twenty-five feet) and swim. Adrenaline will flow as you abseil, swim and walk your way through it.

peaky blinders shooting experience, unusual stag do activities

Peaky Blinders Shooting Experience

Exclusive to Birmingham, you get the chance to immerse yourself in the set as you take out enemy targets and duel against one another. You’ll receive full replica pistols with BB pellets and your own Peaky styled costumes. You’ll feel like you’re in the show itself.

Sumo Wrestling

Strap yourselves into sumo suits and battle against one another to see who comes out the victor. In this hilarious activity, you’ll try to pin the other one down all the while trying to walk and wrestle through the suits.

zombie in greyscale, unusual stag do activities

Zombie Bootcamp

Pick which side to be on in this Birmingham activity; a survivor or a zombie. If you’re going to fight for your lives as survivors, you’ll be kitted out with an imitation firearm, body armour and instruct you on what to expect. If you choose to be a zombie, you’ll be whisked away into makeup and an electric collar, which will buzz to alert you if you are killed. You’ll have the time of your life in this 3-hour activity.

Car Smash

It’s the ultimate anger management technique before you continue with the rest of the stag do. You’ll receive baseball bats, crowbars and sledgehammers to destroy the vehicle. Take the stresses out of ordinary life and set the tone for the rest of the trip.

Alcotraz, men in orange jumpsuits, unusual stag do activities

Prison Experience

Get the orange jumpsuits and all the guards when you go to Brighton. Alcotraz gives you the chance to smuggle in your own liquor and hide it from the warden. If you succeed, a trained mixologist will make 4 personalised cocktails for you.

The photo opportunities and experience will be epic.

Stitch-up the Stag Life Drawing

Life drawing isn’t the first thing that would come to mind, but what if it was to humiliate the stag? Make the groom the model and have him front and centre, while you draw him. He can choose the level of nakedness that he’s comfortable with.

Racing Bathtubs

Perhaps one of the strangest activities you could encounter, you can race against your friends in motorized bathtubs. Take go karting to the next level with some epic photos.

No matter what you fancy, take a browse down our activity page for all activities strange and usual.

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