6 Wedding Apps to Help Plan Your Big Day

Minimise the stress with a planning app.

With so many things to think about, planning a wedding can be a huge source of stress. There’s the cake, the dress, the reception, the vicar, the ceremony, the guests, the invitations… the list is seemingly never-ending.  

Fortunately, thanks to the rise of technology over the years, planning a wedding has become significantly easier than it ever used to be. No longer do you have to fret over decisions like which rings or flowers to buy – in today’s day and age, apps are specifically designed to make your life as easy as possible.  

As with anything though, certain apps and software work a lot more effectively than others. So, which are the best to use when it comes to planning your dream wedding?  

We’re here to answer that exact question. In this article, we discuss six apps that can make organising your dream wedding an absolute doddle. Whether you’re looking for a quick and easy way to send out e-vites, or are looking for a bespoke venue, here are the event planning apps we would highly recommend.  

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6 Wedding Apps you need to plan your big day

1. Bridebook – for planning EVERYTHING. 

OK, first things first, you’re engaged – congratulations! Now comes the fun part. As we’ve mentioned already, there are a ton of things to remember when it comes to planning a wedding – from the rings to the dress to the reception to the venue. Rather than keeping everything in your head and driving yourself a bit mad, Bridebook simplifies the entire wedding planning process, creating an epic to-do list of all the important tasks you need to remember to do. They also give out awards for excellence so you can be sure that you’re using highly recommended venues and businesses. 

2. Table Plan – for seat planning. 

Choosing where each of your wedding guests sit can be one of the most arduous wedding planning tasks there is but Table Plan makes it easy. This app is the very definition of simple yet effective: once you have inputted all the names of your guests and set how many tables you’ll have, you simply drag and drop each guest from table to table. Easy peasy.  

3. Lady Marry – for keeping a checklist.  

While on the theme of simple yet effective apps, Lady Marry is a must-have. The concept behind this app is incredibly simple yet highly effective; after putting in the date of your wedding, the app will provide you with a personalised checklist of tasks you need to complete within a certain timeframe. It will even send you notifications to ensure you stay on top of everything, keeping your mind at ease throughout the entire planning process.   

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4. Pantone Studio – for finding your wedding colours. 

Getting your wedding colours right is absolutely essential. For instance, should the bridesmaid’s dresses match the groomsmen’s ties, or should they contrast? And how about the flowers – should they be the same colour or vary in shades? Pantone Studio makes these decisions easy to handle, providing you with various colour combinations to choose between. If you see a colour you particularly like, snap a picture of it and the app will tell you its exact shade and any suitable matching colours.  

5. Honeyfund – for gifts you actually want.  

Even if you don’t want your guests to buy wedding gifts for you, they are going to anyway so you may as well make sure it’s something you actually want. While Amazon wish-lists can do this to an extent, the bespoke wedding registry app Honeyfund makes it easy to add literally anything from across the internet. Whether you’d prefer an actual product, an experience, or a donation towards your honeymoon fund, the app offers a number of options to choose from.  

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6. Wedding Planner by The Knot – for everything else.  

If you’d rather avoid using multiple wedding planning apps, the Wedding Planner by the Knot could be the perfect option for you. This app not only offers a truly personalised checklist of things to do, but it also allows you to set budgeting options and reach out to more than 250,000 wedding vendors. It also gives you the opportunity to take virtual tours of potential wedding venues and get detailed recommendations for flowers, dresses, rings, photographers, hair salons and pretty much any other wedding-related task you can think of.  

Guest Blog by Annie Button: you may recognise her from her previous Hen Parties: T’hen and Now, blog! You can find her on Twitter at @anniebutton1994.


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